Article: Learning Technology

Creativity and AI: A Tool, a Rival, or a Collaborator?

Josh’s Recommendation

I like this special issue from Freethink because it not only offers rich examples of AI-generated images, videos, and music, but also provides instructors with an elevated perspective and more theoretical focus to explore AI's broader implications on human creativity, music, and art. It should spark interesting classroom discussions about the current state and future potential of this transformative technology.

If artificial intelligence can not just replicate mundane tasks, but creative ones too, what is left that’s uniquely human? It raises the question whether AI is a rival, a new paintbrush, or even some sort of co-pilot or collaborator? In this special issue, we will talk to the technologists on the forefront of building these new tools, the artists embracing these new modes of collaboration, and other experts who will help us understand what is coming and how the world will change as a result.