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Generative AI at UVA: Images and Media

Josh’s Recommendation

I recommend this LibGuide that I created because it offers a comprehensive overview of non-textual AI media, including types, tools, and current challenges. It's a quick resource for instructors who want to dive into the possibilities and pitfalls of AI-generated media in their classrooms.

Types and Example Tools:

Deepfakes: Imagine a video of a celebrity or politician saying something they never really did. Deepfakes are tools that can edit videos to make it look like someone is doing or saying something they haven't. Think of it like Photoshop but for videos.

Text to Image: If you've ever wished for a tool that could turn your words into photographs, illustrations, or digital paintings, this is it. Describe an image in words, and these tools try to create an image that matches.

Generative Video: Write a short description, or upload a photo, and generative video tools will aim to produce a video clip based on your description or image.